February 1st, 2016
2016 Utah Cloud Summit
By Rich Uhl
As promised, here is a list of the presentations with links to the slides that were presented during the 2016 Utah Cloud Summit.  
Session Name Description Media
Architecture Best Practices An overview of best practices for architecting on AWS. Covers best practices for security, reliability, performance, and cost optimization.  View on SlideShare View Video Presentation
TCO & Cost Optimization Covers building the business for moving to AWS. Offers tips, tricks, and general guidance for optimizing costs while using AWS.  View on SlideShare View Video Presentation
Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices In this session, we simplify big data processing as a data bus comprising various stages: ingest, store, process, and visualize. Next, we discuss how to choose the right technology in each stage based on criteria such as data structure, query latency, cost, request rate, item size, data volume, durability, and so on. Finally, we provide reference architecture, design patterns, and best practices for assembling these technologies to solve your big data problems at the right cost.  View on SlideShare  
RDS In this session, we give an overview of RDS. We then give an overview of Aurora, and introduce Database Migration Service.  View on SlideShare View Video Presentation
Lambda and API Gateway Overview of AWS Lambda and API Gateway. Covers basics of a function on Lambda, best practices, and an overview of event sources available.  View on SlideShare View Video Presentation
WAF In this session, we provide a summary of the basics of AWS’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) and cover some of the benefits of using the service. Example scenarios are provided and a walkthrough of pricing is described.  View on SlideShare View Video Presentation
S3 In this session, we cover some of the recently announced features. We then talk about using S3 event sources, the various S3 storage classes, cross-region replication, and VPC endpoints.  View on SlideShare View Video Presentation