On Demand

We’re all used to getting what we want when we want it. With On Demand Consulting from 1Strategy, you pay for the consulting capacity you need when you need it, at a specified hourly rate.

With On Demand Consulting, you will have quick access to our consultants through the tools you use every day – including access to expert consultants via Slack Chat.

On Demand Consulting is a great solution for clients seeking new ideas and technical expertise from an outside source with the experience to back it up. Your 1Strategy On Demand Consultant can help you:

  •  Create customized tools
  • Develop fresh ideas, best practices and design solutions for ongoing problems
  • Think creatively and strategically about existing infrastructure and adopting AWS
  • Learn how to architect and design scalable, reliable, secure applications and services
  • Save you money and time over the long term

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Services Include

On the Spot

On the Spot consulting allows you to bid for our unused consulting resources. Once you place a bid, our consultants work on your project for the time available and requested — until they’re pulled off to work on another one. Our clients have used On the Spot consulting to:

  • Accomplish a quick turn around on a DevOps tool to audit access to their data lake (4 hours)
  • Create lamdba functions that terminate rogue and untagged instances in their environment (3 hours)
  • Check for multi-factor authentication and send e-mails to users who could compromise security (5 hours)
  • API gateway and Lambda code review (2 hours)

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On Reserve

If you have a defined project, objective and timeline and need a consultant for a dedicated period of time, On Reserve is for you. Reserving a consultant today means you can receive our consultants’ deep expertise customized for your project.

On Reserve consulting from 1Strategy can help you:

  • Scale the consulting services you use by project
  • Reserve baseline capacity for the resources you need
  • Access AWS expertise at a lower price point, while building deeper competencies within your teams and environments.

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